I am doing a project where I have ordered something like 30-50 units of this stuff so far. Initially I went for cheap cheap until I got nervous that it wouldn’t come in time (because the other brands are from China and take a while) and needed stuff quick, so I ordered some from Lycheers figuring it would be the same. It is not. This is twice the brightness at least of $5 crap. The ring is only audible if you are in silence, it travels far but loses to the sound always. The sound is better than other EL wire. The inverters have a red indicator light, perfect if you are cutting up the wire you know if it’s on thus telling you you soldered wrong. The core wire is a single strong wire as opposed to many tiny strings that get confused with the secondary core. Also the wire is not affected by length meaning when I cut it down to a smaller size it doesn’t get brighter meaning it won’t burn out . —-From Teddy

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